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Nov. 15 transcript: Anita Dickerson, called 911 to report Mitchell in 2003

Judge Dale Kimball: We’ll the get the jury and proceed. You may call your next witness, Mr. Backman.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Backman: Your honor, thanks for indulging us. We call Anita Dickerson.

Judge Kimball: Come right up here and be sworn.

Dickerson: Anita Dickerson (spells it).

Backman: Good morning

Dickerson: Good morning.

Backman: Where did you reside in 2003?

Dickerson: We lived in Sandy, Utah.

Backman: Do you still live there?

Dickerson: No.

Backman: Where do you live?

Dickerson: We live in south Jordan.

Backman: What is your occupation?

Dickerson: I’m a supervisor with Delta Airlines.

Backman: What was your occupation in 2003?

Dickerson: I had a different position for Delta.

Backman: Were you working on March 12, 2003?

Dickerson: No.

Backman: Why not?

Dickerson: I had the day off from work, and my husband was also off. We were running errands.

Backman: Prior to March 12, 2003, did you see news coverage of who was suspected of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart?

Dickerson: Yes.

Backman: Did the news coverage say who the suspects were?

Dickerson: Yes.

Backman: Who?

Dickerson: Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee.

Backman: Did the news coverage display any photos of them?

Dickerson: Yes.

Backman: Was that coverage close to March 2003?

Dickerson: Yes.

Backman: You mentioned on March 12 you and your husband were doing some errands. Where were you running those errands?

Dickerson: In Sandy. We were on State Street.

Backman: Who was driving?

Dickerson: My husband. I was in the passenger seat.

Backman: Where were you driving on State Street?

Dickerson: We were going north. We stopped at a light on State and 106th.


Backman: As you were stopped at that traffic light did you notice anything?

Dickerson: Not right away. But after the light turned green and we proceeded north, I looked over to the right and saw three individuals. I noticed they were dressed quite different. I made a remark to my husband about they way they were dressed.

Backman: How close were you to these people when you saw them?

Dickerson: As we were coming up from behind them, we passed by them. At the closest point they were only about 10 feet away form our car.

Backman: How many of them were there?

Dickerson: Three.

Backman: What did you notice about them?

Dickerson: I noticed coming up from behind that they had a certain formation. There was a man in the front and two females were behind him sort of following him. I noticed that they all three appeared to be adults. As we were coming up getting closer to them, I could tell that the female on the eft hand side, her head was not covered and she had her hair pulled back and pinned up, and she had white flowers around the back of her head.

Backman: And this person, you mentioned she was a woman.

Dickerson: Yes.

Backman: Did she look older or younger?

Dickerson: She looked middle-aged.

Backman: The man, did you see his face?

Dickerson: Yes, when we got beside them, there appeared to be a female to the right of the middle-aged woman. She had a white scarf on her head. I turned to look because I wanted to see their faces. The older lady I recognized as being Wanda Barzee, the person I’d seen in photographs. I saw the other female, but I didn’t notice her. She had large white sunglasses. I only saw from her eyes down. She had fair skin.

Backman: Did you notice the man?

Dickerson: Yes, I turned my focus to the man. I noticed he had longer hair and was not dressed very nicely. As I passed by him, i noticed he had a beard and facial hair.

Backman: Did you recognize him?

Dickerson: I did.

Backman: What, if anything, did you do to get better look?

Dickerson: When I recognized he was Brian David Mitchell from photographs, I turned to my husband and said, “It’s them.” It was something so unexpected happening. I told my husband, because we were in traffic and on State Street we were moving in the flow and taking us away from them, pull over and park and get another look at this man. It may have been for my own benefit because it was happening so fast, I had to process what was happening and convince myself I was seeing the people on the television.

Backman: Is that what you did, stop in the parking lot?

Dickerson: Yes, I did.

Backman: Where?

Dickerson: At that time it was in Kinko’s parking lot.

Backman: When you got out, what did you do?

Dickerson: I walked to the back of the vehicle. I didn’t want to stand and stare at them, but as I realized they were getting closer, I turned to look at them.

Almost at the same time, Brian David Mitchell looked right in my eyes. We were looking at each other face-to-face.

Backman: What did he do?

Dickerson: He almost immediately turned his head away and dropped his head to

look at the sidewalk. I knew at that time when I looked at his face and saw his eyes, I had the recollection of visual images in my mind of the photograph that he was matching what I was seeing. I walked back to my car, opened the door, tried to get my cell phone out, but it was taking too long. I walked around the car to my husband’s side and said, “Give me your cell phone. I’m calling 911. I know it’s them.”

Backman: Did you call 911?

Dickerson: Yes, I did.

Backman: This is government exhibit 22. Do you recognize it?

Dickerson: Yes, that’s Brian David Mitchell. That’s the man I saw.

Backman: Let the record reflect the witness has identified it was the defendant.

Judge Kimball: It will so reflect.

Backman: I have no further questions.

Judge: Ms. Lewis?

Defense attorney Wendy Lewis: I have no questions.

Judge: I assume this witness may be excused. [To Dickerson.] You may be excused.

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