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Mitchell jury selection, day 1

Mitchell jury selection, day 2

Mitchell jury selection, day 3

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Mitchell trial: Exhibits links

The Mitchell Jury

Nov. 4 transcript: Parker Douglas presents the defense's opening statement

Nov. 4 transcript: Prosecution's opening statement

Nov. 8 transcript: Elizabeth Smart

Nov. 8 transcript: Lois Smart, Elizabeth's mother

Nov. 8 transcript: Mary Katherine Smart, victim's sister

Nov. 9 transcript: Heidi Perry, Deseret News reporter

Nov. 9 transcript: Jon Richey, Salt Lake City homicide detective

Nov. 9 transcript: Elizabeth Smart

Nov. 10 transcript: Elizabeth Smart

Nov. 15 transcript: Trevelin Colianni, who saw Mitchell in Las Vegas

Nov. 15 transcript: Anita Dickerson, called 911 to report Mitchell in 2003

Nov. 15 transcript: George Dougherty, FBI agent

Nov. 15 transcript: Adelia Harrington, former librarian in Lakeside, Calif.

Nov. 15 transcript: Jill Fleming Ogilvie, private investigator and former San Diego police officer

Nov. 17 transcript: Pamela Atkinson, homeless advocate who knew Mitchell

Nov. 17 transcript: Kayleen Hill, Mitchell's sister

Nov. 17 transcript: Lisa Bishop Holbrook, Mitchell's sister

Nov. 17 transcript: Irene Mitchell, defendant's mother

Nov. 17 transcript: Howard Lemcke, former deputy district attorney

Nov. 17 transcript: Marlon Peterson, former Mitchell roommate

Nov. 17 transcript: Shirl Mitchell, defendant's father

Nov. 18 transcript: Betty McKnight, Idaho LDS member

Nov. 18 transcript: Wanda Barzee, Mitchell's wife

Dec. 8 transcript: Michael Welner, psychiatrist

Dec. 9 Transcript: Closing arguments in the Elizabeth Smart case

Dec. 10 Transcript: Jurors talk with media about Smart verdict

Dec. 10 Transcript: Prosecutors discuss outcome of Smart case at news conference

Previous stories

Oct. 12

Mitchell can get a fair trial, jury questionnaires indicate

Oct. 13

Mitchell defense argues fair trial isn’t possible

Oct. 22

Judge thins potential jury pool in Mitchell case

Oct. 27

Mitchell’s defense says judge erred on jury bias

Oct. 28

Appeals court won’t move Mitchell trial

Oct. 29

Judge in Mitchell trial releases blank jury questionnaires

Potential Mitchell jurors probed on media, religion, insanity defense

Oct. 30

McEntee: For Elizabeth Smart, the final chapter begins

Nov. 1

Jury selection in Mitchell kidnapping trial to begin today

Day 1 of Mitchell case ends with 9 jurors kept, 8 out

Mitchell defense could call Barzee to testify

Mitchell trial: Singing kidnap suspect booted, again

Nov. 2

Jury picks in Elizabeth Smart kidnap case two-thirds complete

22 jurors now selected for Mitchell jury

Nov. 3

Jury pool filled in Elizabeth Smart kidnap case

Smart family could begin testifying Thursday

Nov. 4

Smart kidnap case halted; Court grants stay

Delay in Smart kidnapping trial likely to be brief, legal experts say

Nov. 5

Appeals court orders Mitchell trial to resume Monday

Nov. 6

Analysis: Smart kidnap jurors met standards

Nov. 8

Elizabeth Smart tells story of survival

McEntee: The child who brought her sister home

Nov. 9

Lois Smart describes first contact with Mitchell

Defense: Mitchell was insane at time of kidnapping

Elizabeth Smart’s cunning plan ended nightmare

Smart’s sister recounts the night Elizabeth disappeared

Nov. 10

Elizabeth Smart cross-examined by defense

Nov. 12

Detective testifies he was fooled by Mitchell’s calm demeanor

Nov. 13

Tribune gives public the words the jury hears in Smart trial

Nov. 14

Mitchell verdict hinges on mental-health testimony

Nov. 15

Mitchell intimidating, not delusional, witness says

Police notified in California, Nevada about suspicious behavior by Mitchell

Mitchell videos reveal another personality to jurors

McEntee: Testimony casts doubt on Mitchell plea

Culture Vulture: The Mitchell trial, as seen from the UK

Nov. 16

Defense begins in Smart kidnapping trial

Defense witnesses flesh out Mitchell’s earlier life

Nov. 17

Mitchell was the ‘squeaky wheel,’ family members testify

Mitchell’s father: Son’s ‘alienation’ began in womb

Nov. 18

Wanda Barzee calls first year with Mitchell ‘hellish’

McEntee: Two families, one horrific crime

Barzee: Mitchell’s concept of ‘Lord’s will’ guided pair

Nov. 19

Barzee: Mitchell abducted Smart after a ‘revelation’

Barzee: Mitchell ‘a great deceiver’

Nov. 29

Mitchell shows a different side at state hospital

Duel over Mitchell’s mental state to begin

Smart kidnap trial: Mitchell more ‘Inspector Clouseau’ than James Bond

Nov. 30

Mitchell’s seizure in court halts Smart kidnap case

Smart kidnapping trial to resume after seizure episode

Dec. 1

Smart trial: Barzee fueled Mitchell’s delusions

Dec. 2

Smart storms out of court during procreation testimony

Dec. 3

Expert: Mitchell’s book shows ‘mainstream’ beliefs

Mitchell defense rests in Smart kidnap case

Mitchell: ‘Bizarre’, but is he legally insane?

Dec. 5

Testimony: Mitchell a longtime pedophile

Dec. 6

Guard: Mitchell ‘very attentive’ during Barzee’s testimony

Dec. 7

Witnesses: Mitchell ‘normal’ when out of spotlight

Dec. 8

Psychiatrist: Mitchell floats among several personas

McEntee: For Smart family, a long-awaited verdict nears

Mitchell kidnap trial nearing end

Mitchell doesn’t suffer major mental disorders, expert testifies

Dec. 9

Psychiatrist: ‘Lust trumps religion’ for Mitchell

Dec. 10

For jurors in Mitchell trial, ‘life has changed’

Dec. 11

Guilty verdict brings a smile to Elizabeth Smart’s face

Dec. 14

Ed Smart still fuming over doctor’s testimony

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